We are a partnership nursery with Midlothian Council ​which means we can offer grant funded places / discounts on fees for children aged 3-5 years. We can also offer "Good time to be 2" funded places for eligible 2 year olds. Contact us for further information.

Our vision and values are:

  1. To meet the individual needs of all children to ensure their health and wellbeing, by observing, monitoring and evaluating their progress and development; particularly focusing on their speech, language and communication development
  2. To provide learning experiences based on the children’s ideas and interests, the natural flow of the seasons and the skilful nurturing and support of our trained Early Years Educators; including a focus on outdoor learning through Forest Kindergarten
  3. To provide a safe and secure, yet welcoming and open environment, in which children will thrive, parents/carers will feel included and staff will feel supported and valued
  4. To recognise and respect the value of parents’/carers’ input, and encourage them to share in their children’s learning
  5. To promote positive attitudes to diversity and difference, helping children to learn and value different aspects of their own and others’ lives by engaging them with their local community, particularly focusing on Intergenerational Practice within the community
  6. To improve our service through reflective self-evaluation 


Newbyres Nursery and St Paul's, 5 & 20 Hunterfield Road, Gorebridge (01875) 898060

Our Nursery and School Club

Grant Funding and Wraparound Care

Newbyres Nursery and School Club is a family run business with an emphasis on quality rather than numbers. 

We now have 2 settings, right across the road from each other, with our under 3s at Newbyres Hall and our 3-5s and School Club at St Paul's.  
We focus on
outdoor learning, with free flow play to our two large garden areas, as well as having the use of the nature garden around the ruin of Newbyres Castle for our Forest School activities.

Have a look at our mouthwatering menus, freshly cooked from scratch each day. We are guided by the Scottish Government's "Setting the Table" Guidelines to help inform our healthy menu choices.

Our ethos is based on the latest in Early Years research, that children learn best through natural play using open-ended and natural resources, which allow their imaginations to flourish. As well as natural resources we will have beautiful wooden furniture and toys in our carefully designed rooms. We won't have brightly coloured noisy plastic toys, which can be both overstimulating and uninteresting to young children.

Traditional storytelling using props such as puppets is an important part of the nursery week. Storytelling allows the children to really focus and listen, and of course imagine what the characters look like! We will also have plenty of messy play and arts/crafts opportunities!

We have the luxury of spacious rooms for the different ages/stages, named with our Communication focus in mind - Babbling Babies, Talkative Toddlers, Chatterbox 2s and Early Learners (approx 3-5 years); as well as separate quiet rooms for heuristic play. 
We enjoy frequent
outings, including trips to the local library and parks, and we will be able to use the creative play suite in the new community hub. We have a strong community focus with our pioneering Intergenerational Project which has received extensive media coverage. We visit the local care home on a weekly basis with groups of the children which has incredible benefits for both the young and old - read more here
We also have a weekly gardening club with volunteers from the village.

Additionally, we focus on the development of communication skills and social skills from a very early age, with staff using Signalong (signing & speech) as a bridge to spoken language. Each group benefits from age and stage-appropriate language and communication groups, from a qualified Speech and Language Therapist along with highly skilled staff.