My 2 year old daughter has recently started at this nursery. After viewing several nurseries in the area i was about to give up until i viewed newbyres and was blown away by the premises, staff and everything about the place! Mel is fantastic and so helpful with anything you ask, as are all the staff. Im really impressed and the biggest reassurance is that my wee girl loves it! Thanks so much​​

​- Claire

Dear Mel and all the staff at Newbyres,
I felt compelled to email you after a long chat with E this morning. She was telling me all about her day yesterday. I got to hear all about the moon, space and rockets. I am delighted with how enthusiastic and engaged she was with the topic. 
As you are aware, I was unhappy with the nursery she was in previously. I had the impression she was being babysat and entertained while she was there. I now feel that she is going to be taught and encouraged with yourselves. I know she has only been with you for a week but I already notice a difference in her language and general behaviour at home. 
Thank you all for regaining my trust in childcare providers. I am delighted that I took the plunge and moved E to Newbyres nursery.
P.S. A special thanks to Steph for letting E do splatter painting yesterday. It appears to have been a highlight! 

- Claire

Can you also please pass on our thanks to everyone for continuing to give T such an amazing experience at nursery. She learns so much with you and gets such an amazing variety of experiences. Every day she comes out with some nugget of information she has picked up at nursery, whether it's about where milk comes from or about what to do if you're feeling cross at nursery! You have also provided much needed continuity for her and made her feel so special and cared for since her little sister arrived. We are so glad we decided to send her to Newbyres!

- Hannah

Hi Mel and Marie,
I wanted to send you an email to express our thanks to all the staff that work in the babies and toddlers room. Our daughter L has been at the nursery since she was 10 month old. With the care your staff have provided she has come on leaps and bounds as a happy 21 month old toddler. She absolutely loves going to nursery and as parents who often feel guilty about leaving her it is absolutely fantastic to see how much she loves the nursery and the staff there. This week she has been excited as soon as we pull in to the car park shouting “Ashley” (her key worker) from the back seat. When we have gone in she has been so excited to see Ashley and the staff she runs to her for a great big cuddle and confidently waves good bye. 
It is fantastic to see all the photos and updates of what she gets up to on the various apps and Facebook. Her drawer is always full of colourful artwork. On pick up we are always fully appraised of her day by the staff and L happily waves good bye to everyone telling us all their names. Every staff member in the room is always so welcoming and enthusiastic and it feels like a very caring and happy place. 
It’s often hard to get the chance to thank the staff for their great work at the beginning or end of the day but it is clear that L clearly has a great bond with them all. Please could you pass on our appreciation and thanks to them for the great job they are doing.

- Karen

Can't speak highly enough of this nursery and the staff. Seeing the difference in my son's talking in just three weeks is amazing, watching him and hearing how he is interacting with other kids his own age makes me so proud. Very highly recommended nursery for anyone looking to place their child here

​- Sarah

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Our Grades:

Quality of Care and Support: 5
Quality of Environment: 5
Quality of Staffing: 5
Quality of Management & Leadership: 5

Jessica has come on leaps and bounds since starting here in April best decision we ever made and I love all the amazing things they do with her and for the community x Mel Marie Sammy Emily and Emma are simply amazing with her and all the kids at Newbyres 

- Kirsty

It's a year ago to the day that my daughter started at Newbyres and she has come on leaps and bounds with her confidence and speech. Penny is forever surprising me with the things she has learnt thanks to the amazing staff! My favourite - she can now put on her own jacket. The nursery is beautiful inside and out. I can't thank the staff enough. We love Newbyres!

- Nicola

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Nice to see Gorebridge coming on so much over the years, particularly the nursery it always looks so great! Great job with the renovation too brilliant ideas by the looks of things. The boys absolutely love going, great happy environment all the time and such a lovely atmosphere. The staff are so great with boys too always smiling and interacting with the boys and tell us all about their day when we collect them, we never have any worries at all. Toby has started saying Steph is his best friend now which is a great review!

​- Hayley

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We moved our little boy here in April and we all absolutely love it. My only regret is not moving him sooner. I noticed a huge difference in his speech after only a couple of weeks and his continuous development is amazing. All the staff are brilliant and the manager Mel is so hands on with the kids. We had an issue with our sons eating and Mel was so supportive, giving us recipes for his favourite foods at nursery along with spending time talking with me and giving ideas of what might help.
We had our wee one at another nursery for 1.5 years before we moved him and the difference is like night and day. They thoroughly deserve the amazing ratings they just got from the Care Inspectorate. I highly recommend this nursery to anyone!​

- Jennie

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B seems to be really enjoying his time at Newbyres, I was so delighted to see him reach out to the staff last week and wave goodbye to me with a big smile on his face showing that he now identifies the nursery as a safe and comforting environment. It may be coincidence or perhaps a developmental stage but I have really noticed that over the past few weeks he has seemed to have more confidence in social situations, particularly at his other classes where he is interacting a lot more with the other children and parents, instigating a lot of the communication himself. I am sure his positive nursery experience must be a factor in this. I read so much about attachment, particularly Suzanne Zeedyk's 'Sabre Tooth Tigers and Inner Teddy Bears' and your team have really helped me have confidence in knowing B is being cared for and nurtured as well as having really great play experiences.

- Amy

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In terms of your staff I can't fault them. If I'm honest I should have taken the time before now to highlight my appreciation to the ladies that look after M. 
For me I look to him to gauge what is working and what isn't when it comes to staff members. Emily and M just seem to fit. I watch the way she cares for him, never frightened to pick him up, always showing him love and affection. She disciplines when required and talks to him, constantly pushing to bring out the best in him. More importantly when M is at home he talks about Emily so much that it makes me know that I have picked the best nursery for him. He expresses love for her so much that she is always a part of our conversations. Emily never fails to come and find out how he is in the morning and always provides a very detailed handover when we come to collect him. The way she hugs him saying goodbye and seeing how he accepts it is proof that they have built a relationship on trust and understanding that I will always be eternally grateful for. 

- Kate

Hi Mel
I meant to get an opportunity to tell you this earlier - when asking for my new address, a friend who lives in Clackmannanshire said "Gorebridge? I've heard they've got a great nursery there doing fab intergenerational work". She works in the field of mental health in Fife and said she felt this would be fantastic for the mental health of the residents at the care home.
I thought you might like to know that your reputation is reaching across Scotland.

- Kirsty